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Another Busy Morning...

Even though I'm off all day today, I've managed to stay busy for a while. Threw in a load of laundry to wash, went to Wal-Mart again to pick up some food items and some silicone sealent so I could install my mothers new motion detector light at her trailer, that lightning strike a few weeks ago that knocked out my DSL modem and satellite also knocked out her old motion detector light. Probably could have installed it without the sealent, but didn't want to risk a rain coming along and water getting into the fixture. Noticed that back when that doofus boyfriend she had for awhile in the mid-90's installed that old one for her, he didn't ground it. Made sure to attach the ground wire on this one!
Also, while at Wal-Mart, finally broke down and bought a new package of socks and a package of briefs, since most of my old ones are full of holes. Realized yesterday I seem to be getting "burned out" on bourbon, so bought something I haven't bought in nearly a decade, some "Old Milwaulkee" beer. May have a few this afternoon since I don't work tonight.
Well, off to shower, and fix a bite to eat(haven't eaten anything today yet).....

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