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Computers Down...

Got to work around a quarter to 10 last night, saw the EOD(employee on duty) and the assistant manager standing outside the store. I knew the assistant manager wasn't supposed to be there that time of night, since he was supposed to be there this morning at 6am, so I suspected something was awry. They were outside telling people they couldn't get gas, or buy anything. The reason: the complete computer system was down. Cash registers weren't working, and since the gas pumps are tied into the Gilbarco system with the registers, there was no way to turn pumps on. Two repair people were inside working on the problem. About 20 minutes after 10, they finally managed to get everything but the main cash register working. As a result, I had to work the register farthest from the door all night, felt plumb awkward!
The manager said they were promised a "new system" a couple months ago from the owners of the station, but they haven't heard anything since. Seems the system we are using now is nearly 15 years old, and has had to be "serviced" twice in two months so far counting last night. Methinks Moore Oil needs to "get on the ball" and buy some new equipment, otherwise they'll spend more "servicing" the old stuff than it would cost to buy "new stuff"....

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