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Spam, and other rants....

Damn spammers...had 24 more spams in my "Inbox" when I woke up...I go to all the trouble setting up filters to not download emails if certain words are in the subject line, THEN the asshats start putting gibberish in the subject line! Actual subject of one received: "wow pq yxtrufbx". Guess you just can't win from those bastards....

Well, off to another extremely busy night at work. I know it's going to be extremely busy, because it's Friday night...and LAST night was three times busier than a normal Thursday night, mostly young people that just graduated the local high school. Where the f*ck to they get all the money to stay out all night? When I was that age, I never had any money, and had a curfew, had to be in by 11pm! They were still trickling in last night at 3 and 4 am!

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