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Been feeling really "run down" the past few nights. Been sleeping well during the day, and it hasn't been too busy at work, so I'm not sure what the problem is. It will really catch up with me tonight and tomorrow night, I'm sure, since the store usually stays swamped with customers on weekend nights. Won't see the new schedule for next week until I get there today, I keep having this feeling I may have another night tacked on there since that one person quit the other day. I wouldn't mind the little extra money, but geesh...I'd be working six nights a week...already tired....had to work an extra half-hour this morning because my relief overslept yet AGAIN....
Got my check last night, but was so tired, didn't bother to get it cashed this morning. Check cashing place doesn't open till 10am, I was unable to stay awake that long. Now, I'll have to wait until Monday, and I'm flat broke till then...

Well, I'm gone, be back some time after 6am....

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