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Yes, I Can't Make Up My Mind....You'd Think I Was A Woman!*

I've knocked off the Yahoo "Albertsplace" group...only reason I started it was to have a chat room for the relocated site, but I decided to start back using my "Warped" Java/IRC room instead. I like it better anyway. Although I've noticed that when the "Java Chat Room" link is clicked on my cam pages, MY room isn't the one that pops's Warped's #friendly room for some odd reason. Anyway, if I'm in front of the computer, I'll notice if someone comes into the room. If the "#friendly" room pops up in the Java version, just type: /join #albert71292 in the chat line, and send, it should then go to #albert71292. To get there via IRC, details are on the cam page of my website.

Most of this afternoon however, unless I can't find anything to watch on TV or DVD, I'll be in the living room...

* =Ladies, please ignore the subject line...I've started on the bourbon.....

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