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Furniture Shopping

Well, my mom and I just got back from town. Went to the furniture store. She bought a small twin size bed for her other bedroom(had no bed in there aunt and her ex-husband had to take the floor and sofa on their recent visit), and she bought me a new recliner. She'll get the bed delivered next week, but it'll be 8-12 weeks on the recliner. I was picky, but it will still be half-off the regular price of $759.99. All they stocked were "rocker-recliners" that also swivel, I like a "stationary" recliner,and they said the one I sat in came in a "stationary" version,but they would have to order it. Also wanted one to half-way match the color of the sofa(although nothing in this house really matches anyway!). Hopefully a "Lane" recliner will last longer than the generic piece of crap with the "sink hole" that came from Montgomery Ward a little over a decade ago...

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