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Sleep, Guns, Friday Nights, etc....

I knew that meeting today would throw my sleep schedule off kilter, even though I slept a little before the meeting, and some after, it wasn't nearly the 8 hours I generally require to feel in top form. As I predicted yesterday, because of the lack of good sleep yesterday, and the lack thereof today, I'm going to be a "walking zombie" all night at work. Why can't the boss schedule these "crew meetings" around 10am or so in the morning, for the benefit of us all night workers?

Oh...and here's some comforting news... seems Tuesday night when I was off, a black guy was spotted about to enter the store with a 9mm hand gun! Luckily, the sherriff's department was patrolling and spotted him before he entered. He ran off on foot,leaving his vehicle parked in back of the store. Police impounded and towed the vehicle. The guy is already apparently wanted for numerous parole and drug violations. Only bad thing, the guy got away...

Well, off to work...Friday night, should be rediculously busy as usual...don't people stay home weekends anymore? I always did when I was younger, but it was because I never had money to go anywhere, or anyone to go anywhere with...and never was the "partying type"...kind of like now...

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