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Another Dammit...and other things...

Well, after getting home from work this morning, I downloaded some updated drivers for the external "Alcatel Speed Touch Home USB DSL Modem" I had stored in the closet since first getting BellSouth DSL. The new drivers appear to be working. I'm online in a DSL capacity now.Apparently, from my experiments(no help really from the "techs" at BellSouth), I've determined my internal 3com HomeConnect ADSL Modem is "fried" after that nearby lighning strike. My fault I guess, I realized while checking the phone outlet that when I hooked up this new PC back in January, I plugged all the power cords into the surge protector, but neglected to plug the phone cords into it! Hopefully this external will keep working!

I bought a new LNB for the Directv dish this morning, because I was sure that was the problem. It wasn't. Apparently the receiver is bad also, or the wire from the dish to the house is bad, or a combination of all. I went up and down numerous times on that ladder trying to re-adjust this and that, to no avail. I finally said "fuck it", called Directv and cancelled service, and called Time Warner cable to start service. They cost more, don't carry TechTV, but if something goes wrong, THEY have to fix it, I don't have to try to kill myself to fix the problem! I've set up next Monday morning for them to come out and hook me up. They said they could make it this Wednesday, but I'll probably be asleep since I have to be back at work Wednesday, I'll be with just local channels over the anteanna for a week...

No real problems with that, while at Wal-Mart getting the LNB, some food, and a little "liquid refreshment" for today(since I'm off tonight), I noticed the first season of "Futurama" on DVD for $29.88. So, impulse buyer I am, I picked it up. Also saw a "budget bin" of $5.88 DVD's and found a copy of "Cabin Boy" with Chris Elliott (yes, it's a retarded movie, but I LIKE it!). Went to check out my purchases, the older woman at the register gives me a total I wasn't expecting...$25.67...for suppossidly a 12-pack of A & W Root Beer, a 1.75 ml bottle of Evan, two frozen dinners, the "Futurama" 3-DVD set, and the "Cabin Boy" movie. Needless to say, I acted as if I wasn't suprised, but I was! After I got in the truck in the parking lot, I looked at my receipt. She neglected to charge me for the "Futurama" set, so I got the first season FREE! Too bad mistakes like that can't happen more often!

The webcam will be on for awhile this afternoon, while I'm watching the DVD's...

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