Albert Sims (albert71292) wrote,
Albert Sims

Double Dammit....

I'm starting to think that storm caused more damage than I thought. At one point, I heard a house shaking "crack", like lightning struck somewhere VERY close...called BellSouth, they have no reports of outtages in my area, yet I can't get sync on either my internal DSL modem, or the Alcatel USB one I dragged out of the closet. On top of that, my Directv isn't receiving ANY signal. Think this is a repeat of 1999, when another loud crack in a storm blew out the dishes LNB, and I had to buy a new one....

Well, I've been awake too long fooling with this shit, I'm going to bed, gotta work tonight....things like this get me so aggravated I feel like going back to dial-up and just getting local channels on TV with my anteanna....

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