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Long time readers of my journal may remember this post and the follow up post back in November concerning the child support payment "glitch", which turned out I was AHEAD, not behind in payments. Even though I'm not supposed to be getting anything from the state of Nebraska about payments (state of Louisiana said so), I get a letter from the Federal Department of Taxation saying they have sent my federal tax refund to the state of Nebraska's support enforcement to pay on back owed child support! I do not owe any child support, state of Louisiana says so! Got off the phone just now with first those asshats in Nebraska, then to Sandra Clarke(my case worker here in Louisiana). Per Nebraska's instructions, Mrs. Clarke is faxing them my payment history. Hope this shit gets straightened out soon, I need that tax money...IT'S MINE!!!
Stressed again...while I was out a while ago, picked up a bottle of "liquid stress medicine"...since I'm off till Wednesday night!

On another note, when I go once a month through the water company's drive thru window to pay my bill, why do I continuously notice the woman working the window is the spitting image of Nina Hartley???

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