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Getting ready to leave for work. Hope it isn't quite as busy as it was last night! Sure, last night was a Friday night, and it is usually fairly steady on Friday nights, but not THAT busy! I was barely able to get my "side chores" done, what with people constantly coming in. Got a huge rush of people a little after 3:00 AM, mostly Mexicans who could not speak a word of English. they start rattling off to me like I should understand what they are saying, and I'm just standing there looking at them and thinking to myself, "If you can't speak the language, you need to stay in your own damn country until you learn it!"
Then there's the people that get mad at me when they bring beer up to the counter after midnight and I tell them they can't buy it. One asked "Is that a Louisiana law or something?", I reply, "Depends on city/parish ordinances, it's not statewide." I let them know if they make it across the river to Monroe before 2:00AM they can still buy it. They leave the beer sitting on the counter and walk out in a huff. Hey, don't get mad at me, I don't make the laws...

Enough ranting, time to leave...

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