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Just completed filing my federal and state taxes. Second year in a row I've managed to accomplish that task without having to mail anything off. Since I didn't work much last year however, I'm not getting much back this year, just $127 federal and $43 state. Every little bit helps though. Filed my federal over the telephone using the "Telefile" thing, since I had no deductions or itemizing to do. Did the state via the Louisiana Dept. of Revenue website, as I did last year. Had to start up Internet Exploder to use the state's website however, a dll was being downloaded for the online form that would not work with Opera. After I finished filing the state tax, I sent an email to "" asking if they have any plans to make their site more "alternative browser" friendly. Granted, several sites I've noticed have a slight problem with Opera, such as "", but you'd expect a state government site to work no matter which browser you choose to use...wait a minute, I'm talking about Louisiana, nevermind....

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