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Email "maintenence" AGAIN????

BellSouth's email is down again...just about like clockwork. Any "urgent" messages will need to be sent to my Yahoo address I guess. Noticed someone in the newsgroup is a little peeved also, he took the standard "maintence announcement" BellSouth posts, and re-worded it a bit...

"What? Customers will be unable to open their E-mail for a period of 15
months during the maintenance window.
Who? All FastAccess and Dial customers are affected by this scheduled
maintenance will be affected by this maintenance.
When? The work is scheduled to take place from Friday, February 14,
2003 through Monday August 17, 2004 during the hours of 12:00 a.m. to
11:59 pm EST each day.
Where? This maintenance will impact service in the entire nine-state
region that Bellsouth Internet Services serves.
Why? We are performing a scheduled maintenance affecting our E-mail
servers. Some of our subcontractors are now hiring personnel to learn
the programming languages needed to start writing the code for our new
system. Until that time the system will be down.
Additional Comments: The following message has been posted to inform
you of a scheduled maintenance in your area. In addition, the
Interactive Voice Response System has been updated to reflect the
current status. In addition, FastAccess customers that have downloaded
our Connection Manager Tool may see a yellow diagonal line or a red X
through the tool. The yellow line indicates which system is affected
by the maintenance and the red X indicates that the customer has no
connection. The middle finger means that this is what we are doing to
We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for choosing
BellSouth Internet Services and for continuing to pay the bills for
the services that we are not providing.
Status: Open -- Updated: 2/28/2003 6:08:01 PM

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