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Customer Service?

Last night around midnight, this older woman comes in after pumping her gas. She hands me a Shell credit card. I run it, and it says to call a phone number that appears on the screen. I have a huge line already in the store(it was after a local Mardi Gras parade in town), but I stop and call the number. They say the card is "declined". I tell the woman, she says it "can't be", because she just sent a payment to them, and supposedly has $200 left on it. I tell her I can't take the card, because it was declined. She leaves the store, says she needs to go out to her vehicle. I attend to the line of customers while she's out. She comes back in a few minutes later, tells me to try the card again. I tell her, since I called the phone number, and THEY said it was "declined", that I would get the same answer. She keeps insisting. I go through the whole procedure again, and come out with the same result. She throws a fit, says the card is good. I tell her again I can't accept it. She goes back outside. In the meantime, another customer hands me a piece of paper, she wrote down the type of vehicle that woman was driving and the license plate number(an Oklahoma plate). I thank her.
The irrate crazy old woman comes back in with a checkbook and writes a check for the $38.93. I scan the check in the "Telecheck" machine. It declines it also. She starts screaming that she has money in her account, and the machine is wrong. I tell her, since I'm getting another line of customers, just leave the check and I'll leave a note for the boss. She does. The check had a Bastrop,Louisiana address on it, yet the license plate on her vehicle was from Oklahoma. I write a note for the boss, and stash it with my paperwork, along with the type of car and license plate number. They shouldn't let mentally disturbed dried up old prunebags have credit cards or bank accounts if they can't manage them!
Later, a girl I used to know from my "Burger King" days who now works at the "Waffle House" two stores down from the Shell station bursts in, all in tears and distraught, and asked had her boyfriend been in. I say no, and being I can't stand seeing nice women distraught, I ask her what is wrong. She bursts back out and hops in her car without saying a word. I'm still wondering what was wrong, to have her that upset...

Anyway, that sums up my "eventful" night at I'm going to relax in front of the TV awhile before I go to bed...

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