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Well, just got majorly rested from the trip to court, figured I had better update everyone. They proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I did not miss any payments, but they didn't do anything to her for lying about it! And on top of that, the social services worker there figured up the ex's income and mine, did some division, and said that I now have to pay $144 a month instead of the $100 I had been paying previous! My employer can't withold that much legally from my check, so I have to mail the difference into the state each month! This shit really stinks!!!
Anyway, as a result of having to pay more, I've got to do a little cutting back to make up for the difference. First thing, I'm calling the phone company and knocking off ALL the extras, like call waiting, caller ID, and internet call waiting(if someone tries to call while I'm online, they'll just get a busy signal until I get off!). Will also be canceling an order I JUST made through the phone company-DSL. I was looking forward to it, but it now won't fit in my budget! Will have to stick with dial-up. Also, I'll be calling Directv and dropping all the pay channels except the HBO ones(can't miss The Sopranos or Dennis Miller!).
Knocking off the phone extras won't matter all that much, since my phone rarely rings anyway. As for caller ID, I'll just use my answering machine for that purpose. I never answer unless it's someone I WANT to talk to! If they don't say anything on the machine, then I'll know it's not an important call!

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