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Dreading this trip...

Going to have to get up about 2:30 or 3am in the morning for that trip to south Louisiana for what is hopefully the last court thing for a while! Have to be there at 8:30am, and it's about a four and a half hour drive! Just hoping everything will be settled THIS time.
Got what bills I have to pay all together each month, along with all my paycheck stubs from this year, my W2's and tax forms for last year, and EVERY money order receipt for child support payments I've mailed to that lying bitch since the payments started!
But, as stated in one of my previous journal entries I may come out slightly ahead, and she may start getting LESS each month instead of more, which is what she is trying to get. It would serve the bitch right. I'm sure she is wasting all that money for unnecessary things than spending it on my son anyway!

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