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Yes, I've Met "Celebrities"...

Picture taken at a wax museum in California in 1966. Only time I'd ever been to California...remember nothing of the trip. No pictures to speak of from the trip either. According to my mom, shortly after the long drive there, some asshat broke into the car and stole the rather expensive Polaroid camera my parents had at the time. They weren't able to file it with insurance to replace it until they got back to West Monroe....

In case you're wondering, the old HP scanner that was acting screwy with my old PC, and I thought would not work at all with the new PC, seems to be functioning(for the moment at least). The software that came with the scanner would not load onto XP at all, but tonight I was sitting around wondering what would happen if I just tried plugging in the USB cable without loading the software. Well, XP recognized the scanner, and I'm using XP's built-in "Scanner and Camera Wizard" to scan things....until something blows up....

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