Albert Sims (albert71292) wrote,
Albert Sims

Lack of Transport, and other "goodies"...

My truck is in the shop at the moment...finally getting the air conditioner fixed(hasn't worked in two years), and getting the "Door Ajar" light fixed. Got off work this morning, that light would not go off, and after I shut off the ignition, the overhead light in the cab would not shut off. Got a call from the shop earlier, they think the air conditioner "evaporator core" and a line may have a leak. That, plus them replacing a switch inside the door for the light, and replacing the fuel filter and air intake, is starting to total in the $1000 range...

Spent a good portion of the day "breaking in" the new PC a little more. Transferred three more hours of those old cassette recordings my friends and I made in the 80's to CD. Can't get used to burning a 60 minute CD in less than 5 minutes!

Showed my mom today how to reply to the three emails from relatives she had on the computer, and how to use "Google" to look up stuff. When I set up the computer for her, I downloaded the IE "Google Toolbar", hopefully to make things a little easier for her.

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