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Well, my mom now has a computer and internet access, although at this writing, she doesn't know it yet. She gave me the money this morning before she left for work to go pick up a computer table she saw at Wal-Mart for $47.48. She wasn't sure the box would fit in her car. I went, picked it up, along with a mouse pad, a surge protector, a three-outlet phone jack adapter, and 50 ft. of phone wire. I let myself into her trailer, assembled the computer table, ran the phone wire, and brought over the computer equipment. Then, I came back home, went online to, and signed her phone number up for internet service. If you call BellSouth to set up, or order their CD, there's a $15 set-up fee. If you set it up online, there is no set-up fee, and the first three months are just $14.95 per month...$20.95 after that, unlimited dial-up. I got all the DNS info and all that, wrote it down, and put in the information on her PC. Did some "test browsing" to make sure everything was working...sent test emails too...everything seems to be working well, just a LOT slower than I'm accustomed to after having DSL so long!
If she gets in from work early enough(before I fall asleep), I'll go over and show her the basics on how to get started on the World Wide Web. I'm sure she'll pick things up quite easily. Only browser I put on the PC after the reformat was Internet Exploder 6...figured it'd be the easier for her to work with. All she has to do, the way I set it up, to get online, is to click the Internet Exploder icon, and it will automatically dial the ISP, and go straight to the Yahoo home page I set up for her. I'll wait a while before putting some chat software on there, not sure she'd be ready for that yet.
Also, final thing, set her up with a free Hotmail account. That way, if she fills out any online forms or anything, she can put the Hotmail address instead of the BellSouth address, and all the spam that results can go there. A "spam dump" is the only thing I use my Hotmail account for...

Now, I'm going to go somewhere and get some food...I'm starving...haven't eaten since around 6pm yesterday evening...

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