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Computer Update and Some Of Last Week's News Headlines...

Well, I've got the old PC completely reformatted, got all the "unnecessary" programs off the thing, to hopefully make it run a little smoother at least. My mother said she saw a computer table at Wal-Mart for a little under $50, so she said she may go by there tomorrow to get one if she gets off work early enough. I need to run by Radio Shack and pick up a "three-outlet" phone jack adapter (she has one jack in her trailer, it currently has a "two-outlet" adapter hooked up... her phone and satellite reciever are plugged into it), a mouse pad, some phone wire, and a surge-protector.

Just found out my favorite store, KMart, will be closing the only Supercenter here in town, not another one within 100 miles. 130 people will be out of a job, from what I heard on TV earlier. I had a feeling though, back when the chain announced bankruptcy last January, that the chain probably wasn't going to survive, and the fact that they are closing 326 more stores and their stock price is still around 17 cents a share kind of forebodes their future fate I think. Going to miss that place!

Now for something completely different...


1] New Mexico governor Bill Richardson to meet with N. Korean envoy, will hide his dog first
2] Bee Gee Maurice Gibb dead at 53; Answer to question "How deep is your love?" now definitively put at 6 feet
3] "The Who's" Pete Townshend says he was looking at pay-per-view pedophile Internet sites for "research;" "I, for one, believe him," states Winona Ryder
4] Kids find pornography in Barney book; "thank god it wasn't more Barney stories," states relieved parent
5] Black hole at center of Milky Way is prone to numerous outbursts and large explosions on an almost daily basis; "in many ways, it resembles my wife," notes henpecked astronomer
6] North Korea sends mixed signals on Nukes; "Their lips are saying 'no,' but their bodies are saying 'yes, yes,'" says creepy diplomat
7] Retailers report worst holiday in decades; "My uncle got really drunk this time," says one shopkeeper
8] Study finds that alcohol lowers heart attack risk; raises "big, slobbery, unwanted groping" risk
9] Sarcasm found "not funny" to children under 10; "Yeah, that's a real accurate study," sneers precocious 9-year-old
10]Clonaid executive told to appear in Florida court, warned to send the "real" him

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