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I'm currently in the process of "restoring" the old Compaq to its original factory settings using the "Restore CD" that came with it. Wiping off all the "unnecessary" programs. After that, I'll reload Norton Anti-Virus and a few other things, then re-download updates for the operating system and virus detector. Then, after a few more "tweaks" and things, I'm "donating" the old PC to my mother. She has never had a computer, knows absolutely nothing about them, so it should be an interesting experience for her!
Already talked to her about internet providers. She doesn't want to use any that require her to use her credit card, and doesn't want anything very expensive. She stated she doesn't need high-speed, so a dial-up account would be just fine for her. Think we've settled on signing her up with BellSouth dial-up. It's a little cheaper than the bigger companies ($19.98/month), and they'll bill it to her phone bill, like they do my ADSL. Already told her to expect email outages from them a few times a month, but I guess first I'll need to show her how to send and receive email in the first place! For what little she will be doing with the computer, and it being cleaned of everything that I doubt she would use, I'm sure the old "workhorse" will work just fine for her. She'll need a decent desk for it though. She said she was going to start looking for a cheap-ish one at Wal-Mart or KMart. I suggested she also swing by Office Depot.
As long as I remember, I'll be sure to put in the email addresses for the relatives, so she can contact them. She is the last of her brothers and sister to finally be getting a computer. The rest of them have had computers for years.
I went ahead and hooked the smaller monitor that came with my new system to the new PC, going to give her the old, larger 17" so she can see it better. Now, it's going to take me a while to get used to this 15" monitor, after using that 17" the past 4 years!

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