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Complete waste of bandwidth coming up...

Never done this before, no point in it really, just that I saw someone else on my "friendsfriends" list do this the other day, and I'm being a copycat...

Below are some pictures I took around my workplace last night, just to give you an idea what a measly job I have for a living(but I like it!)...

Outside of the store

The gas pumps

View from the front of the store looking back

View from the back of the store looking towards the front

Front of the drinks cooler

Back end of the cooler, where I go to restock the drinks from the back

Inside the "walk-in" beer cooler, where the cases are kept

The coffee/cappuccino stand

Tobacco products

Notice the "Powerball" lottery jackpot is growing again...

Newspapers, pre-packaged sandwiches, cassettes, and CD's

Quite easy to go around taking pictures on a slow Sunday night when no one else is there...
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