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Cams vs. XP

Earlier today, I managed to get three webcams functioning on XP. The Logitech in the living room, the Intel in the bedroom, weren't too big of a problem, but the Alaris in here by the computer, no matter what I did, I could not get it to function. Matter of fact, the thing kept crashing the computer! Finally gave up, uninstalled the updated drivers(which apparently don't work), and installed the very grainy "Radio Shack" webcam in here by the computer.

My "elite" membership on Camarades has been cancelled. Apparently the high interest on my credit card has maxed the thing out. Got an email saying my elite Camarades account has been cancelled. Probably won't bother getting it back later, because I won't be able to get it at the old price, and it's not worth $24.95 a month.

On another note...I wish whoever has that W32.Yaha virus on their computer would remove me from their address book. EVERY weekend for the past three or so months, I'm getting hit by the damn thing(four attempts today alone)! And mostly JUST weekends. Most of the source email addresses are apparently from Brazil, so I have some idea whose address book they are coming from, and my guess is that person has no idea they are infected with it.

Well, I'm sleepy as hell still, but got to get off this thing and leave for work...going to attempt to sleep MOST of the day tomorrow after I get home...

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