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I was able to stay awake long enough to go get my paycheck I'll be able to eat over the weekend. Also, since my hair spray was running low(have to use it when I go places, otherwise, one good gust of wind...I look like "Yahoo Serious"!), I decided to stop in at the "Freds" store they built recently for the first time, which is very near my house. Looked for the "sticky" mouse traps while I was there, but all they had was D-Con (I've been advised that D-Con isn't good, unless you want dead rats smelling up the place), and the old fashioned "spring-type" traps. Guess I'll look for the "sticky" kind next time I stop by KMart. They had my brand of hair spray, and I also picked up two cheap bags of Bar-B-Que flavored pork skins and a bag of chocolate and caramel flavored coconut candy(which I hadn't seen anywhere since I was a kid). The snacks should tie me over until I get off work tomorrow, had McDonalds for breakfast this morning. *

* =Heh, just managed to type a whole paragraph there "full of trivial content"...

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