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There I was, TRYING to sleep some today, since I've got to work tonight, and slept very little yesterday before I went in last night...had just dozed off...then was awakened by some asshat somewhere down this road firing what sounded like a shotgun numerous times. As soon as I determined I couldn't get back to sleep, the asshat stopped. Had thought of calling the sheriffs department, but now that it's stopped, I'd have no idea where to tell them the direction I thought the sound was coming from(lots of echo). Living in a rural area, I hear that kind of garbage occassionally, my guess it's asshat redneck hunters target practicing, but I heard years ago, even though this is a rural area, it's still considered "residential", and that kind of thing is supposed to be against the law.

It's been about half an hour since I heard it last(when it woke me up)...going to TRY to get back to sleep eyes are heavy and burning...

I think there needs to start being MORE hunting "accidents"...thin those fuckers out...

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