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Is BellSouth Just TRYING To Get Me To Find A New ISP??

I WAS going to upload a funny picture I found, but I can't FTP BellSouth...seems their "personal web page" section where I store pics is screwed now. I use my free webspace there for "remotely linking" pictures to the places like LiveJournal and others. Prefer to use my webspace on "Warped" just for pictures that are on my main website.
Only thing vaguely reliable about BellSouth as an ISP is the decent connection to the 'net...everything else they offer, including standard telephone service, leaves a lot to be desired(not having problems with THAT at the moment at least!). Currently, their personal webspace is dead, and seems they are doing "maintenence" and "upgrades" to their email servers at least twice a week! I'm not the only one that complains a lot about BellSouth...their newsgroups are full of them! Only thing, I like the convenience of having my internet and telephone on the same bill.

Making an exception to my "main website" rule this time about posting pics, since BellSouth FTP is screwed beyond recognition...the picture behind the cut isn't the one I was going to post via's a quick "Paint Shop Pro" job concerning how my innermost thoughts feel about the company overall...

WARNING:If you are easily offended, DO NOT...I repeat DO NOT click on the cut...

SENARIO: Remote controlled jetliner with no one on board...only person in building...Duane Ackerman, CEO...

Okay, I've got to work tonight...I'm going to bed...will try to catch up with everyone during the next couple of days after today(off those days).

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