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Last Night Went Smooth Until...

...some damned woman came in, handed me $20, and told me to pre-authorize gas pump 3 for $15 worth of gas,which I did. Then her friend comes up, says, "No, my car is almost full, I won't need that much gas! Can you take that off?"
Well, no one had shown me how to remove a pre-authorization for a specified amount, so I tried virtually everything trying to clear it off, without luck. The woman also was buying some food products, I had a line of irate people building up, and the bitch was getting pissed herself(which was her own damned fault, for not knowing what she wanted to begin with!). I told her to go outside and pump the amount of gas she needed, and I'd figure up her total and change manually on a calculator(only thing I could think to do...she didn't want me to call someone on the phone to ask what to do). She got even more pissed, said she really didn't want to have to come back in the store, but she did as I requested anyway. Trying to clear off that pre-authorization, and adding up her grocery products, I know I screwed up some receipts afterwards as a result, but I left the boss a note after I clocked out, detailing what happened, what I did, and the first screwed up receipt number, so she could look it up if she needed to. The correct money for everything was in my drawer, but the receipts will not reflect it, since I figured the stuff up manually instead of on the register.
After my relief showed up at 6, I told her what happened. She showed me what to do if someone wants to cancel a pre-authorization on a pump again, and I wrote down the procedure. She said my drawer will probably show up as "under" in the cash department, but she said everything should be alright since I left a note for the boss.

Not a racist by any means, but I've had two problems with women paying, then changing something after everything is rang up, since I started there, and both have been of the African-American persuasion...then they start bitching at ME like I'm the one that screwed up. It's their fault they don't know what they want!
So far, no one else has given me any major problems...

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