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In Case You See Me Online Even LESS The Coming Week...

Got my schedule for the week...starting tomorrow(Friday) I will be on the 10pm-6am work shift, so I will probably be sleeping most of the day and working all night. Finally found out how much I'm starting off with...$6.00/hour...which is actually 85 cents more per hour than I was expecting, given the depressed ecomomy in this area of the country. Also, I'm scheduled 40 hours this coming week. It's been a long time since I've had a 40 hour work thanks to the asshats that run Target!
I'll have to find time to run back by that decrepid place to pick up my final check...after that, I doubt I'll ever set foot in a Target store again(never saw anything in the store I would want while I was working there). Still learning those product codes, and other things at the Shell...think I'm getting a little better, slowly but surely. Think I'm going to like it there, I get along a lot better with the other workers than I ever did at Target. At least the Shell station lets you wear whatever you want, as long as you wear the smock they provide over it...and they let you joke around...something Target was not keen on. I will need to go sometime during the next three weeks(whenever the boss makes the appointment) for some kind of three hour class given by the state police that anyone who sells alcohol and tobacco products has to attend, she's waiting a bit to make the appointment because she has at least three people she wants to send from this store at one time. Well, I need to fix myself some breakfast...I'm a little hungry...and have to be at work at 10am this morning...

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