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Trouble Sleeping Pt.2

I think moo is right...I must be suffering from insomnia...I've been just lying in the bed all night, trying like heck to get to no avail! I'll be mighty groggy if I get called into work today. May try that "melatonin" stuff that kitykity suggested last night, see if that will help me sleep. sabatoa suggested I talk to my doctor about "Ambien", but not sure those doctors at the state run hospital I go to would prescribe something asked for specifically. Can't afford to go to a "real" MD...probably couldn't afford the Ambien either if it was prescribed to me!

On another note, Anna Nicole Smith says she wants to strip on her TV show(which I've never had an urge to watch-the woman irritates me)...does that mean that the people who DO watch the show will need to run out and buy wide-screen televisions for that episode???

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