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I'm really getting sick of this's going on three days straight!

As for trying to get "Internet Explorer" to prompt for passwords on websites...I GIVE UP! I tried last night knocking it down to the version that came with the computer, IE4, and it worked. Tried reloading stopped working again. Methinks Microsoft is totally f*cked in the head! Oh well...only thing I use IE for anyway most of the time is just for pages that do not display correctly in "Opera"(which is very few), 99% of the time I'm using Opera...

Also give up on trying to get the Logitech Quickcam 3000 from freezing up after a couple hours of service. Did research, downloaded a 4-in-one patch for the VIA USB chipset and installed it, disabled some com and serial ports...all "supposedly" fixes for the problem. So, if I have my webcam running either on my website or on the streaming "Camarades" page, and it's the living room cam, if you do not see me move for a long period of time, I will be either offline(if it is the java cam on my site), or the Logitech has frozen again(if it's the Camarades page-Camarades puts up an "Offline" window).

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