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Up For Another Year...

Just received this email...

"Albert Sims ...

Your LiveJournal payment of $25.00 was received 2002-10-28 16:48:14 and your account has been credited with 12 more months.

Also, be aware that to access the fast servers you'll have to go logout and log back in.

Thanks!! Team"

Been spending a lot of time online lately just downloading old radio programs from RUSC...recently "re-joined" the site after almost a years absence...not sure why I like those old shows, except maybe because most are better than most modern television shows in the writing, and it leaves more to the imagination at the same time! Been downloading them in MP3 format, and transferring them to WAV format onto CD's so I can listen to them on the stereo in the living room.
Sound quality on some of the old shows are terrible, but you listen close, you can understand everything over the pops and static of the ancient transcriptions(which were never made for "archival" purposes in the first place). Back in my teens, I ordered numerous old radio shows on LP from a company called "Radiola Records" out of Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Still got them all, and have transferred some to CD. As far as I can tell, Radiola was "swallowed up" a few years ago by a company called "Radio Spirits", a division of "Media Bay". Seems I'm downloading more "Jack Benny Shows" than anything else so far...but I've always been a Jack Benny fan...

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