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How long this evening before this obsolete PC freezes? I've got the LJ client up, the Opera Browser, my Webcam32 software, WinAmp(listening to "WolfFM"), the WolfFM studio cam, "now playing" window, Zone Alarm, Norton Anti-Virus, Trillian, and "SMTP Auth"(a program allowing authenticated email to be sent through Yahoo via my Opera email client)....

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    Frankly, I'm amazed at the sound editing/cleanup software I'm using for the ancient audio cassettes my friends and I recorded back in the 80's. The…

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    While passing time on the "Publishers Clearing House" website this afternoon while watching live podcasts, I saw an advertisement for ad blocking…

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    Transferring the old "fake radio shows" my friends and I made in the 1980's, the earliest ones recorded on cheap mono cassette recorders, I've…

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