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Just made it back from Livingston Parish, didn't really get much accomplished. In the courtroom, people from the Dept. of Social Services were interviewing former couples one at a time about child support issues. When my and the ex's name was called, we went up to talk to the woman, and immediately the ex started ranting on in harsh words about missed payments.
The ex was virtually yelling to the woman that I had missed "several" payments and that I was sending them "late" when I did send them. I told the woman I sent them late in the month so they would show up on time for the NEXT month, that they were not late, but early. The woman understood, but could not get the dimwitted ex to understand that. The woman finally got aggrivated at the ex and told her to go sit down while she talked to me by myself. I showed the receipts I brought from the past TWO years, along with the tracers. The woman said things were looking legitimate to her on my side, then called the ex back up.
She asked the ex where were the records SHE was keeping of the payments. The ex said she didn't have any records, and asked how she could keep records when she took the money orders to the post office and cashed them, when the post office doesn't provide receipts when you cash a money order. The woman asked the ex, exact words, "You don't have a calendar or notepad or something where you can write down when you get your payments?" The ex didn't say a word.
The social services woman then asked the ex was that her signature on the photocopies of the money orders on the tracers. The bitch said "Yes", but nothing else.
The ex then said something about she couldn't remember the months for sure she didn't get payments. The woman asked her how then, did she know what months to write on that chart what months she didn't get. She was silent again. Being those original summons papers were issued on November 22,2000, the space for December was left blank. The woman asked the slut(who by the way was with a different guy than the father of her latest child), "What about the payment for December 2000?" The cunt said "I MIGHT of gotten it." Apparently she can't remember back 4 months, although I KNOW I have all my receipts.
Then the ex starts in that "The payments were supposed to of increased after he paid off the bankruptcy, and they were supposed to be retroactive". The social services woman looked at the original divorce decree, the court summons, then says, "Why didn't you bring this up earlier? Also, it says nothing in the divorce paper about anything being 'retroactive'. Plus, if you are wanting to contest the amount, that will have to be brought up at a later court date."
So, what all this boils down to is, I've got to return to Livingston Parish Court AGAIN on April 26 at 8:30am, bring with me what bills I am paying, ALL my child support money order receipts from the beginning(glad I kept them all), three paycheck stubs, my tax form and W2 from last year, so they can try to determine a new amount, and prove her definitely wrong about me missing payments. I am going to get me a public defender down there to help me out with this. Also, in order to keep any shit like this coming up in the future, I arranged while down there to have the support payroll deducted by the state, so THEY will send her the payments from now on. Really getting tired of the bitch's bullshit!
Although, on the bright side... being I'm making less at my current job than I was at Burger King when the original amount was set, if she goes through with this, she might end up getting LESS money per month. I'm sure my son isn't seeing any of it himself anyway, the way that whore likes to blow money!

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