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Time Of The Season...

Woke up around 3am feeling a little heavy in the chest, coughing, breathing through my mouth, and feeling slightly sore all over. Got up, got dressed, went to the local charity hospital. Guess I should have went earlier, when this stuff started earlier in the week. After sitting around a few hours, I finally got called back to see a doctor. Got mildly "sick" when he checked my throat. They took my temperature, which was 101.6F. Diagnosed me with a light case of the flu. Got two shots, and two prescriptions. Went to Eckerds to get them filled. All they had was the antibiotic. Had them call KMart for the antihistamine. Bought some "light" stuff to eat, since my stomach has been feeling icky the last few days. Going to take a nap...hope if I hear from one of the places I put in applications that they wait a few days to call as a result of this turn of events...

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