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Still Feeling Bland...

Haven't went to see a doctor yet, even though my head is still all messed up. Tried contacting my old Burger King boss the past two days, but can never catch anyone at the number he gave me, so I went to the two closest Popeyes Chicken restaurants, put in applications, wrote his name on them as a reference, and told the managers that Danny had told me to come by if things didn't work out at Target. They said they might call soon. Also went by Wal-Mart, couldn't see any managers there, so put in another application with my other friends name on it as a reference. I figure...bug the hell out of them...
Also, when I stopped to get gas, I saw the Texaco station had a sign up that they were taking applications for "full-time cashiers", so I applied there. Gotta get a full time job, it wasn't paying my gas hardly driving all the way to Monroe just for a few hours a week at Target...

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