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Too Much Sleep....and other nonsense...

I think I slept too long last night. Went to bed around up this morning a little after 11am...gonna feel sluggish all day probably as a result, unless I "get into gear" after going to work today (work 3pm-10:30pm central). The enormous amount of sleep might be the result of getting up so early yesterday morning, and taking some allergy/sinus medicine yesterday evening. Having a few cups of coffee now, to see if it'll help any.

Also, I need to pick up a money order sometime in the next week or so, got an email from LJ reminding me my paid membership will expire on November 11th.

Also, part two... anyone with a credit card have it change names three times while having it? When I first applied about three years ago, it was "Aria Visa"...then they changed it to "GetSmart Visa", now, as of yesterday, they give me a whole different account number and change it to "Emerge Mastercard"...all the while, still associated with the same financial institution...

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