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Why is it as soon as cooler weather sets in, my head goes more berzerk than usual? My nose won't stop running...I'm breathing mostly through my ears are congested...feel like my head is in a plastic bag! Not running any fever though(just took it...98.6), so it can't be anything TOO serious, just enough to make me feel really bland...I'm off today through Thursday...maybe I can work on clearing myself up...

After I got in from work last night, I noticed Fox News Channel was reporting yet another sniper victim up in the northeast. They've set up roadblocks on the major highways, and have a basic description of the vehicle(a white or cream colored Chevrolet Astro van with a ladder rack on top)...why haven't they caught that asshat yet?? There was a former FBI profiler on there last night, saying the reason all the shootings are close to one another is because the person(s) probably do not have the funds to travel long distances. All the shootings seem to stop on weekends too, which makes the profiler believe the person(s) probably have some kind of major commitment on weekends.
Oh well...just got up...going to hit the shower, check the mail, and turn the TV back on to see if any major development in the case has come up...

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