Albert Sims (albert71292) wrote,
Albert Sims


Just got off the telephone with Sandra Clark...she said that those mailings were a computer glitch and that the computers they have seem to be unable to tell the difference between positive and negative numbers. She said she put into the computer not to send me any more mailings saying I am in "arrears", because according to her records, I'm actually $72 ahead in my payments. She says however, she never received the letter I sent to her last month, that it may be somewhere in their office though, and she would try to locate it.
As for the letter from Nebraska, she said I should not be getting anything from the state of Nebraska, since jurasdiction for my case is here in Louisiana. I read her part of the letter from Nebraska, she said it sounds like to her that the ex had made a claim for back child support with the state of Nebraska, but being I am not behind, the ex has no legal grounds to claim anything! She said if I get any further mailings from Nebraska, to send her a copy of them, and she would straighten things out.

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