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Beware, "George Carlin" Style Rant Ahead...

I think I know the reason I haven't found anyone new since the divorce. It seems most women nowdays(or at least the ones I've observed in this area of the country) are an extreme turn-off for me... the reasons...

1) Too many women today getting tattoos and piercings...more than two small tattoos is overkill...anything besides ears being pierced is just stupid!

2) Weird hair colors...I've seen pink, light blue, and mixtures of both! Also seen obvious dye jobs. Girls, leave your hair alone! Leave it the natural color! If you're blonde, brunette, or redhead, LEAVE it that way!

3) I can't count the number of women I've seen around Target on the parking lot in their cars or walking into the store with a cell phone glued to their ear(been almost ran into with a car more than once by these idiots chatting and not watching where they are driving)! But then again, if I see ANYONE chatting away on one of those things in public places, it annoys the feck out of me...damn things should be outlawed!

4) Apparently no more women around that like to just go to a movie, out to eat, or for a walk for a date...most, at least from observations of conversations, all want to "party"...going to nightclubs and such...I HATE nightclubs!

5) Been put down by too many of them. The most recent, a girl who I used to work with at Burger King years ago, out of the blue contacted me recently, said she was divorced and wanted to get together with me. She seemed a normal person in my book, so my hopes were high. Called her house last week, who answers the phone?... her "ex-husband". That seems to be another thing most women are good at(at least ALL I've ever tried to be with)...building up ones hopes, then throwing them to the pavement like a hot potato!

DISCLAIMER: You will notice in the above rant, that the observations only apply to "most women in this area" close to where I live, the only place I really have an opportunity to possibly find dates. It does not apply to all women in general.
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