September 15th, 2021

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Scrap and Mirages

The slow process of attempting to digitize the HUNDREDS of hours of old Tape & Record Show Enterprises recordings my friends and I produced in the 1980's continues. This evening, another episode of the "oddity" called "The TRS Scrap Pile" and two more episodes of "The James Stricklin Song Mirage".

If you were to listen to episode three of "The TRS Scrap Pile", you just MIGHT think I had "issues" with the old cassette during the transfer. You would be mistaken. In the second playing of "Beat Box" by The Art of Noise in that episode, I purposely "screwed up" the playback in the original editing in 1984, just to make the show even MORE "odd".

Jerry Sanders makes his first appearance as co-host in episode 19 of "The James Stricklin Song Mirage". James had previously co-hosted on a few "Jerry Sanders' Hit Parade" episodes however. Also, I can't for the life of me remember anything about the possibility that Jerry was going to stay at James and Michelle's place at some point, but it is mentioned in the episode. There are some "crackling microphone" issues in episode 20. There were a few recordings of various shows TRSE produced around that time with the mic crackling issue. Can't remember that far back, but I THINK I had to buy new microphones eventually to solve the issue. Replaced the cheap Radio Shack branded microphones(which were in use for at least three years) with slightly better Pioneer branded microphones.

Contents of the three half-hours digitized this evening...

"The TRS Scrap Pile: Episode 3. Broadcast Wednesday, April 4, 1984 at 7:30pm central. Theme Music: Burt Reynold's House/If You Love Me Tell Me Loud(John Morris/Mel Brooks). In this week's scrap pile: "Tusk"(Fleetwood Mac), "Beat Box"(The Art of Noise) followed by a fouled up version, an episode of the "Dick Tracy" radio show from 1946, "Fame"(David Bowie)."

"James Stricklin Song Mirage: Episode 19. Broadcast Monday, December 3,1984 at 9:30pm central. Theme Music: Can You Feel It(The Jacksons). Hosts this week are James Stricklin and Jerry Sanders. Songs: Blue Jean(David Bowie), Low Rider(War), I Wanna Rock(Twisted Sister), Do I Do(Stevie Wonder), Baby I'm A Star(Prince).

James Stricklin Song Mirage: Episode 20. Broadcast Monday, December 17,1984 at 9:30pm central. Theme Music: Can You Feel It(The Jacksons). Hosts: James Stricklin and Albert Sims. Songs: Borderline(Madonna), Jailhouse Rap(The Fat Boys), Strut(Sheena Easton), Jungle Love(Morris Day and The Time), Who Wears These Shoes(Elton John)."