September 8th, 2021

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Lite Transfers

I've been feeling a little "lazy" most of the day, so only digitized three half hour "broadcasts" from the Tape & Record Show Enterprises archives this evening. Episode 16 of "Jerry Sanders' Hit Parade" and episodes 16 and 17 of "The James Stricklin Song Mirage". Program descriptions from the original "broadcast" index cards...

"Jerry Sanders' Hit Parade: Episode 16. Broadcast Monday, January 28, 1985 at 9:00pm central. Theme Music: Beep A Freak(The Gap Band) . Songs include: 17 Days(Prince and the Revolution), Emergency(Kool and the Gang), Freaky Dancing(Cameo), Pretty Mess(Vanity), Rock You Good(Eddy Grant), Loose Talk(The Bar-Kays)."

"James Stricklin Song Mirage: Episode 16. Broadcast Monday, November 5,1984 at 9:30pm central. Theme Music: Can You Feel It(The Jacksons). Hosts this week are James Stricklin and Count Floyd(Albert Sims). Songs include: Hard Times(Run-D.M.C.), Valley Girl(Frank Zappa), Love Will Find A Way(Lionel Richie), Autodrive(Herbie Hancock), and a visit from Dr. Tongue(James).

James Stricklin Song Mirage: Episode 17. Broadcast Monday, November 12,1984 at 9:30pm central. Theme Music: Can You Feel It(The Jacksons). Count Floyd(Albert Sims) returns this week as co-host. Songs include: Turn To You(The GoGo's), Theme from Star Trek The Motion Picture(Jerry Goldsmith), Flirt(Cameo), Boogie Shoes(K.C. and The Sunshine Band), Putting On The Ritz(Taco Okerse)."

From his reaction, in the "Song Mirage" episode with "Valley Girl", when I said Frank Zappa's daughter's name, James had no clue at the time her name was "Moon Unit". Also, in episode 17, as a "back story" to the song "Flirt", James said the band playing at the prom he went to "about a year and a half ago" performed the song nearly perfect. The words "prom" and "about a year and a half ago" make me feel old... and I never even ATTENDED a prom myself!