September 4th, 2021

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The Best of Randy Haney... A Delay

Tonight I digitized another of our old "broadcasts" which was edited and compiled in one year, but not "aired" officially until a few years later. Namely, "The Best of Randy Haney: An Anthology, Volume 2".

This was another of those shows which was recorded in 1987, just before the Tape & Record Show Enterprises "financial crash" of 1987 and the organization went into hiatus, before the show could get a "broadcast" date. More details about that can be found in my August 27,2021 post.

This was the second (and last) compilation special I assembled of numerous recordings Randy Haney made for the organization between 1981-1987. It included Randy singing songs originally "aired" on the shows "Life of Elvis", "Randy Haney Comedy Hour", "King Jam In The Age of Jam On It In The Jam On Newcleus", "TRS Latenight", etc. As with the first compilation special ("aired" in 1986), this one also included some previously unreleased material. James Stricklin, Matt Morehead, Michelle Haney, and "yours truly" can also also be heard in a few of the clips.

Contents of the 90 minute special, as written on the original "broadcast" index card file...

"The Best of Randy Haney: An Anthology, Volume 2. Broadcast Monday, August 19, 1991 at 9:00pm central. Theme Music: Beat Box(The Art of Noise). More of Randy's best performances from 1981-87. Songs include: Faded Love(1981), Memphis(1981), In The Ghetto(1981), Burning Love(1981), Are You Lonesome Tonight(1981), Rock-A-Hula Baby(1981), Viva Las Vegas(1981), Loving You(1982), Beauty School Dropout(1982), Movin' On(1982), She Thinks I Still Care(1982), So High(1982), Guitar Man(1982), Rubberneckin'(Versions 1 and 2)(1982), Find Out What's Happening(1982), Donnie's Used Cars(1982), It's You Babe(1982), Down Under(1983), kiss On My List(1983), Don't Bring Me Down(1983), I Just Called To Say I Love You(1984), Santa Is Back In Town(1984), Hound Dog(1985), Money Honey(1985), Heartbreak Hotel(1985), Some Like It Hot(1985), Welcome To My World(1987). Contains some "previously unreleased" material."

One thing about these "compilation" shows, you can see how Tape & Record Show Enterprises recording techniques improved over the years, which recordings were done away from the "main studio", and which were recorded AT the "main studio", just from the sound quality from clip to clip.