August 4th, 2021


Two More Half Hours Digitized

Finished digitizing two more "vintage" episodes my friends and I made in 1982, but not "broadcast" until January 1983. Both the edited "broadcast" versions were on a Memorex MRX I 90 cassette, dubbed from cheaper cassettes at the time. My issue with Memorex back in the day, their motto was "Is it live, or is it Memorex". Well, it was Memorex. Even when I used their tapes on later recordings for "masters", they always sounded a bit "muffled and bassy" compared to TDK, Maxell, Sony, and even the cheap "Laser" by the Intermagnetics company. Memorex and BASF never "impressed" me back in the day.

Having gotten that out of the way, after the transfer from the tape to the hard drive, using the MAGIX software, I was able to eliminate a good bit of the hiss/static, and "brighten" up the sound to eliminate SOME of the "muffled" sound. The transfers so far (listening to them as I'm typing this), sound not "great", but considerably better than they did back in the day.

First was a one-off "The Best of FM" with James Stricklin, what you might call a "precursor" to "The James Stricklin Song Mirage" series we had. After listening for the first time since 1982, since I can't remember that far back, and the edits for the songs were "sudden", that James actually recorded the songs from local radio on his own cassette, and we used that for the recording. The recording was done at James' house.

Next, a "special" compiled from segments Jerry Sanders recorded as "interstitial music" to be "aired" between segments of the flagship "Tape & Record Show", before we had other shows. The special was "Jerry Sanders' Golden Oldies", where he introduced, since it was a compilation originally meant to be spread over several "Tape & Record Show" episodes, mostly had Beach Boys and Elvis Presley tunes. This could be considered the precursor to "Jerry Sanders' Hit Parade" There was a "hiccup" in the transfer. Cassette for some reason, shut off before the end of the show. I rewound/fast forwarded a bit, then I was able to finish the transfer. Things like that are why I feel like I'm at a race against time to transfer those old tapes.

Both the above "shows" I nearly forgot about after all these years. Re-discovered them digging through my "archives" for the digitization project.

I'm prepared in case I have to change the "outer housing" on a cassette. Still have numerous cassettes I recorded Cd's on in the early days which will never be used again. I had to remove the tape from the "Skatetown" transfer and put it in a new housing, because the cassette pad fell off the original "broadcast" cassette to get it transferred.

Again, only the original folks who were in the recordings will know WTF I'm talking about in this post!