July 28th, 2021


Crystal Warrior to Battle Axe

This is an "awkward" digitation today. My original narration, based on James Stricklin's info at the time, is probably very inaccurate, being one person in the music group threatened to "sue" ages ago when I uploaded a small portion of the "broadcast" in the early 2000's based on my narration. Also, it's obvious I had a cold when I narrated. The sessions were recorded a couple years earlier (1984) at Robbie Danna's house and the storage units at the time behind the Shell station in West Monroe, Louisiana. Original narration is still intact. I don't like altering "history". This never actually hit the "airwaves", Tape and Record Show Enterprises was "fictional" after all.

Description from the original index card in the "archives"... "The early days of the heavy metal group "Battle Axe" are recalled in this TRSE exclusive presentation featuring rare early recordings of the group when they were known as "Crystal Warrior". These December 1984 recordings feature Robbie Danna, Tim McCullar, Mark Brown, and Mark Hargedine(sp?)".

The "episode" was "broadcast" Monday, December 15, 1986 at 8:30pm central, nearly a full two years after I recorded the material. Naturally, MY memory would be fuzzy by then, but the next door neighbor though. Also, didn't bring a camera, just the stereo Sharp deck and a couple of microphones.