July 26th, 2021


Another Old Friends Audio Digitized

Just finished transferring the "broadcast copy" version of James Stricklin's "Jacob J. Welsh Whacky Hour" from the audio cassette to a digital file. Tape & Record Show Enterprises originally "broadcast" the show Thursday, September 15,1983 at 7:00pm central. It was recorded the previous year, but not "aired" until later. It was also another "one-off", meaning there was only one show ever recorded. From the sound of things, it was recorded at James' house at the time. On the original index card in my archives, and the broadcast version of the tape, the name of the theme music James picked for the show isn't mentioned. For the life of me, I can't identify the tune, since it's not something in my personal collection, must have been in his. Even in the closing theme of the episode, where I picked a Fleetwood Mac tune when editing originally, I mention I don't know who does the opening theme music.

The "Jacob J. Welsh" character by James (last name pronounced "W-e-l-esh-esh") was a spoof of comedian Bill Saluga's "Raymond J. Johnson, Jr." character. References to earlier "E.T. Food Palace" episodes are mentioned, since the characters Dr. Tongue, Woody Tobias Jr, and Gonzo Nesbitt also make an appearance. It's a good thing James first wife never heard this recording. It was recorded a bit before they first dated, and nothing "good" was said about "Randy's sister", so yet MORE "politically incorrect" humor from us teens at the time.

I can't be certain, but I THINK I may have an actual photo from that recording session. No date on the photo, but it was taken at James' house, he's doing a "Raymond J. Johnson, Jr." pose, standing next to Jerry Sanders, who was also in the recording, so there's THAT....