July 25th, 2021

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Forgotten Memories

Just finished digitizing a couple more of my friends and I fake radio shows from old audio cassettes. The seventh episode of the short lived "E.T. Food Palace" and a "Tape and Record Show" years later that "broadcast" a previously unreleased "E.T. Food Palace", the latter delayed because no one could stop laughing.

Episode 7 had "Dr.Tongue's" ( James Stricklin ) character firing his partner "Bruno" (me) for being rude to the restaurant patrons. By the end of the episode, Bruno was re-hired, but after trying out other employees. Another episode of a "Tape and Record Show Enterprises" show where sound effects were added after recording, this time, a laugh track, applause, AND "ambiance", to make it sound like an actual restaurant. Thumbing through the index card files of broadcasts, never found the "broadcast date" of the episode, so I'm assuming it's considered a "lost episode". Edited for "broadcast", but never "aired". Then again, after closing theme music, it only ran 47 minutes. The remainder of the hour was filled up with three Randy Haney sing alongs.

The "Tape and Record Show" "broadcast" was REALLY an oddity. It was in the single season I brought the show back, in 1992, after I had stopped dating a certain girl for a few years (before the now ex wife). It was impossible to "get the band back together" after a gap like that, so I went into the "archives" to dig out anything that might have never been "officially aired". Episode 481 of "The Tape and Record Show" from Friday, January 17, 1992 had an "E.T. Food Palace" originally recorded July 30, 1985. I think that recording was the ONLY time we got Randy Haney and Jerry Sanders together in the "studio" at the same time. After listening, I know WHY it was never released as an actual "E.T. Food Palace" at the time. Randy was in the house, we couldn't stop laughing! I shouldn't have been drinking liquids while transferring that tape! There would have been a fitting "end" to "Tape and Record Show Enterprises" in that episode if it had ended with (multiple takes) of the song "We Are The World" by James, Jerry, Randy, and me... but we HAD to end the episode with "Relax" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.