July 24th, 2021

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Yet MORE Old Cassettes Digitized

This evening, I digitized three more of the old "fake radio shows" my friends and I recorded onto audio cassette back in the 1980's. Tonight, it was episodes 4, 5, and 6 of the VERY short lived "E.T. Food Palace", that spoof/rip off of the "SCTV" skit "The 3-D House of Beef" I mentioned in a previous post.

Episodes 4 and 5, originally "broadcast" Thursday, June 16 and Thursday June 23, 1983 at 7:30pm central, were a two-parter, with James Stricklin and I pulling "double duty" as both "Dr. Tongue, Bruno, and Count Floyd", AND as "Frank and Ernest Hog", who were also a rip-off of an old "SCTV" skit, "Carl's Cuts: Film Editing". What "plot" that was involved, Frank and Ernest fly to the Food Palace in their "Bill Tush" model flying saucer to deliver head cheese and bacon fat. Musical guest for the two episodes was "The Stray Cats". Comedy guest in episode 5 was... Bill Cosby. Remember, we recorded these in 1982/83, so no one knew about Cosby's "proclivities" back then. The "Noah" sketch by him was played. The Count Floyd character was supposed to show the film "Blood Sucking Monkeys From West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, but instead cued up adult films (think, but can't remember, the audio was from "Pussycat Galore" and "Caddyshack" by mistake.

Episode 6 apparently had no "broadcast" date. I went through my card files numerous times, never found a card for it. After listening for the first time in decades (even didn't REMEMBER it until hearing it again, guess because since it never "aired officially", it was also never "repeated" in the Tape & Record Show Enterprises line-up, although there IS a "broadcast version" edited on tape), I can see WHY I might have "sh*tcanned" that episode. Since most of it was apparently originally RECORDED before the official episode 2, judging from us not yet finalizing a last name yet for Jerry Sanders "Gonzo Nesbitt" character, it seems it was slapped together from "rejected material", a lot of which was "politically incorrect", even for the time, and too CRUDE for what "The E.T.Food Palace" was SUPPOSED to be. The Dr. Tongue character made derogatory remarks (a slur) about the Gonzo character. While Raymond J. Johnson Jr. sang the Frank Zappa song "Dancing Fool", he substituted the word "Dancing" a few times with the word "F*cking". In a few ways, this crossed the boundary of the offenses in the first "Randy Haney Comedy Hour" in 1982. Also, at the end of the episode, was Randy Haney attempting to sing "Ghostbusters" with the instrumental version, which was recorded much later than the original recording. Especially James, who in several "Happy Hours" and the "show" I'm posting about, who you hear sometimes saying, "This ain't working out so well". For the folks living near me, there's even a "Chef Hans" reference.

I'm putting all this info out now, mainly to let people know my friends and I were idiots back then. I'm preserving the recordings yes. Mostly, only they and I will even know what the heck I'm even writing about with these posts.