July 11th, 2021

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Didn't Think Ahead

Typing up pages in Notepad to put in the folders I'm putting the digitized sound files in, for use as an "Index" to the recordings, including the original program descriptions, "air" dates, etc.

Thinking it would have made things MUCH easier if I had written the original "air" dates on the cassettes themselves back in the day, instead of just a "copyright" year. As it stands, I have to look at the year on the tapes, and go through the appropriate 3x5 index card files, where I filed detailed descriptions of EVERY "Tape & Record Show Enterprises" program during the active years, and find the card to get the info from. Rather time consuming. 🗃

Then again, I had NO IDEA I'd be digitally converting audio cassettes to hard drives nearly 40 years later!