July 10th, 2021


Old Recording, Cheap Mics, and Questions

Since I have most of the earliest Randy Haney audio recordings digitized now, I've moved on to the earliest James Stricklin recordings. Just finished digitizing the first "James Stricklin Happy Hour" we did in 1982. Most of it were James and I ad-libbing comedy skits based on TV shows. Even with "modern digital filtering" technology, that one still doesn't sound "great" quality wise. Still a bit bassy and muffled.

Then again, the "master tapes", which I didn't use since they aren't the edited "broadcast" version, were on a VERY cheap "Alcon" branded cassette. The Tape & Record Show version was on a TDK D60 cassette. I was able to remove a good bit of tape hiss however, and boost the dynamics a bit though. Noisy CHEAP microphones were used at the time. A photo of the Radio Shack mics I think we used is below the post.

There are a few short segments with another of James' friends Ronnie Linder I think. He briefly mentioned something about James and "Audrey". Weirdly, it never crossed my mind listening/editing the show in the 80's (I wasn't there during those segments), but after listening for the first time in a few decades, I'm now asking, "Who the f*ck was 'Audrey'"??