June 9th, 2021


Ol' Slo Poke Laptop

Since I rarely use the darn OLD laptop PC anyway, sometimes I wonder WHY I bother running monthly Windows updates on it. Seems every month, the updates take longer and longer to download/install. Takes most of an afternoon currently to complete.

'Bout time I RETIRED the thing!
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Might Be The Deck, Not The Cassette...

Starting to think the warbling/squeaking audio cassette issue I've been having while digitally converting old tapes is a cassette DECK issue, not an actual TAPE issue. Another tape started showing those symptoms, I moved it from the playback only side of the deck to the play/record side of the deck, and the symptoms vanished. Maybe a few years ago when I bought a USB capable cassette deck, I should have spent more money on a better brand. The symptoms tend to start on a cassette on that side of the deck around the 20 minute mark, no matter if a C-60 or C-90 length.

Spit Takes

Pro-Tip: Don't be drinking something when listening to Randy Haney "announce" tracks of recorded stuff. Almost lost a keyboard transferring part two of the "Randy Haney's 'Life of Elvis' Elvis 50th Anniversary Special" to digital that we recorded in 1985. Randy was great parodying/singing with Elvis Presley, but he was a terrible announcer, in a hilarious way. Don't think I've listened to this SINCE 1985! Before starting my "Tape & Record Show Enterprises" digitization project, these tapes had been in "storage" the past few decades. 🤪